[Album Review] Eric Benet – “eric benet”





Singer/songwriter Eric Benét will released his eighth studio self-titled album; eric benèt on October 7th.  His last studio album The One was released in 2012. He also released The Other One Revisted by the Afropeans in 2014.


The horn arrangement going into the intro of “Can’t Tell U Enough”, and throughout this song are incredible. The lyrics are saying he can’t tell her enough of how much he loves her. The single “Insane” is beyond sensual, and so reminiscence of Prince’s “Do Me Baby”. Also, kind of a mix of “The Beautiful Ones” with the piano melody and kick drum. That electric guitar gives the song the perfect edge. “Cold Trigger” is a straight up “Soul Train on Saturday mornings” 70’s vintage groove. The horns are well placed, and the bass is in pocket the whole time. Another song where he’s giving Prince like ad-libs. “Home” can easily be a country song the way the melody is. A lyrical stand-out on the album. “Holdin On” is featuring the legendary MC Lyte. This song has amazing musical change-ups going into the chorus. The electric guitar, and the bass are in sync throughout the song. It’s giving a alternative rock/country styled vibe, and Lyte’s verse blends in perfectly.

The guitar in “Fun & Games” gives it a very sultry vibe. The lyrics are talking about how it’s all fun and games until you get hurt. The bridge is beautiful, as well as the ad-libs going into the end of the song. “Run To Me” has a Latin arrangement, and is featuring jazz great Arturo Sandoval. His part going into the musical break takes the song to another level. Great instrumentation all around. “That Day” has wonderful metaphors to describe how that day will never come that his love will fade. “Luna’s Lullaby” is like a Part II from his last album The One about his middle daughter “Here in My Arms (Lucia’s Lullaby)”. A simply beautifully written ballad about his youngest daughter. You can feel the emotion in his voice when he describes how he will never be the same.


This album is a nice balance of giving his fans real R&B songs—also giving an extinction of his musicality by showing appreciation and love for different types of music. Absolutely can’t forget about the skillful instrumentation displayed throughout each song. It doesn’t matter what style of music it is, Eric Benét can pretty much sang any kind of record. Not only that, but his writing skills are elite as they come. When you have the creative ability to express yourself through multiple genres, your music belongs more than on R&B/Urban AC charts/radio.



eric benèt is in stores now; also available for (digital) purchase on all digital outlets.