(Review/Photos) Jill Scott Performs At Verizon Theatre In Dallas




All photos by: Fitz Crittle 


The soulful singer Jill Scott performed in (Grand Prairie) Dallas, TX at the Verizon Theatre Friday night on August 14th, for her 25-date headlining summer tour. Scott released a new album Woman on July 24th. The show’s opener was a new artist by the name of Tish Hyman. The singer/rapper performed six songs, she spoke candidly about her life experiences, and being from Bronx, NY and then eventually moving to Los Angeles. She has a very unique voice, and seemed pretty confident on stage. She really engaged the crowd, and they seemed to vibe with every song.




Shortly after the opener’s 30 minute set, Scott’s 10-piece band  “The Pipes” came out and brought immediate energy to the crowd. It didn’t take long before the songstress came out and instantly had the audience on their feet with the classic “Gimme”. Then the musical director leads into a creative rock/soul flow of energy that transitions to “Real Thing”. As soon as the first chords of the melody of “Whatever” were played, the audience picked it right back up and began singing every word at the top of their lungs with the singer. She then performs a song from the new album called “Prepared”. She then performs “The Way”, it was a nice funky groove arrangement to the classic song.

No one was prepared for the captivating performance of “Crown Royal”. Let’s just say the singer gives you a vivid imagination of what goes on behind closed doors. The drummer(s) were continuously giving the exotic vibe throughout the song. Keeping the rhythmic experience of what the song represents going. Which afterwards, lead to perfect timing for the singer to ask the audience to get their picture snapping out of the way.  While her and the band were taken photo-ops on different sections of the stage. “I can’t take the bright lights, it’s not conducive to a session of love making.” If that wasn’t enough for the new age Twitter/Instagram/Facebook users to put down the phones for a millisecond, “Closure” definitely helped. Clearly a fan favorite, because the audience knew every word. She then, abruptly stops the song before the second verse and breaks down to the audience the importance of how closure is necessary. Sometimes, you need to have a last go round before you get your mind right. Even when the man comes around, looking physically appealing you have to stay strong.

Once again, when the instrumentation started for “Across My Mind”, the whole audience turned into a off-key choir, and sung word for word to the classic song. They go into”Long Walk”, with a “go-go” inspired rhythm in which the musical director Rashid Williams brilliantly transitions to “It’s Love”. She then performs, “Hate On Me” dropping knowledge before the song starts.


“It’s my pleasure to bring you good, soul music.” 

Jill and “The Pipes” gathered together and performed A Capella style of “You Don’t Know”, and then “Fool’s Gold” . She then speaks about how it’s important to look to the elders for wisdom. Then, finishes off with “Golden”. You think it ends there, but the crowd is hyped into the veteran performer coming back out and giving an encore performance with “He Loves Me”.

The thing that needs to be said about Jill Scott as a performer is, the energy she brings to live performances is just purely magnetic. The atmosphere of the Verizon Theatre, combined with the energy of the crowd gave everyone her undivided attention throughout the show. Even, if someone randomly yelled out during the show, she never missed a beat. The stage production brought new life to every song performed. Her band “The Pipes”, a trio of men background vocalists, and a 7-piece band who were tremendous on all levels. It makes complete sense why there was a drummer (Rashid Williams) serving as the musical director. The percussion stood out on Woman, and the same can be said with the songs performed on this tour. The creativity and growth musically she brings to the classic songs she performs countless of times, remains true that Jill is one of the best live performers that you will witness, and the master of her craft.

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|Photo Credit: Fitz Crittle|JillScott1508146