Album Review: Tyrese – “Black Rose”





The veteran singer/songwriter Tyrese released his sixth studio album Black Rose on July 10th, 2015. His last studio album Open Invitation in 2011. He’s collaborated with producers, Warryn CampbellEric HudsonRockwilder, and others on this album. The main producer is Brian B.A.M. Alexander. Also, a couple of songwriters listed in the credit with Tyrese.


The first song from the album is “Addict”, very catchy song. Very interesting change-up with the production going into the second verse. Overall, it’s an okay song. “Dumb Shit” is the next song, which is the first single from the album. Definitely didn’t need to look at the credits to know the talented songstress Marsha Ambrosius wrote on “Picture Perfect”. The fact you can hear her on the background vocals too, gave it away instantly. This song has great production and melody. “Waiting On You” gives you a very 70’s vintage soul vibe, a great song all the way around. “Shame” is the next song, the second hit single from the album produced by Warryn Campbell with talented singer Jennifer Hudson on background vocals as well as Mika Lett. “Don’t Wanna Look Back” is featuring singer Chrisette Michelle, this was a nice duet and very full harmonies from both. The lyrics are saying they don’t want to look back on the relationship and regret anything. “Prior To You” is featuring singer Tank. This song kind of sounds like D’Angelo “Higher” with the chord arrangements and rhythm tempo. The guitar licks in the song are phenomenal. He hit some notes in “Leave”, you wouldn’t think he was capable of hitting. He definitely shows off his range in this song. Great lyrics as well. “Without My Heart” is a very soft and gentle ballad. He’s also showing off his lower register in this song, the productions does a good job of creating a great build and fine song writing as well.

“When We Make Love” is a very sensual track. Production wise, it was very pleasant. The reverb wasn’t overdone and didn’t interfere with his vocals, so it was a pretty decent song.  “Gonna Give What You Need” was very lack luster, it sounds very repetitive to “When We Make Love”, so it didn’t seem necessary to have this on the album. Also, not lyrically one of his best songs on this album. “Body Language” was kind of boring, it took a while to get into the production. It’s an “okay” song, just not one of the best songs from a musical point of view.

“Best Of Our Lives” is featured with the wonderfully talented singer Brandy, showing off her best riffs and runs throughout the song. A good duet, their harmonies were very rich and blended well together. The last song on the album is “I Still Do”, a piano ballad that has a very soft and quiet melody. A nice finish to the end the album.


You have to give Tyrese his props for featuring all these talented singers on his album. Who are very established solo artists, that have collaborated and mostly giving background vocals on this project. Which is very rare in today’s industry. You don’t really see solo acts doing backgrounds on others’ albums. It is great to see unity still exists in R&B music. Other R&B artists should follow example, and support each other this way. That being said, this album entirely was a solid piece of work full of ballads. The little critiques that were made, are very minor when you analyze completely how good this album is. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call this his best album to date. (That’s if he is retiring from the music industry as he has publicly stated). If that were to happen, then this is definitely one of his best albums by far.


Black Rose is available in stores now, and for (digital) purchase via iTunes and Amazon Music.