Album Review: Emily King – “The Switch”





Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Emily King released a new album, The Switch on June 26th, 2015. Her last music project was EP Seven in 2011.


The first song off the album is “Good Friend”. The harmonies on the chorus are great, as well as the production. The bass line has a thick texture in the scale, and is rich with sound quality. “The Animals” is the next song. The lyrics are using metaphors for a bad friend, and how she’ll never be friends with animals.  The third song, “Sleepwalker” is another metaphoric lyrical song that is talking about being a sleep walker for a man. “Already There” is the next song, and “The Switch” follows it which is the title of the album. It has a very vintage soul vibe to it, very soulful track.

“Aya” is the sixth song from the album, this song would have been interesting to hear as a full song. Because it was just that good, the harmonies were on point. The intro for “Distance” is smooth and mellow, and then it gets into a nice groove into the first verse and remains throughout the song. The lyrics are saying the love is still there even when distance exists. “Out of the Clouds” is a musical experience, period. The instrumentation just takes you somewhere. The drumming and the bass’ pocket is so strong, it keeps the heartbeat of the melody going. The song is talking about it being an opening for love, and don’t let it go because the opportunity may not be there for long.

There was very fine acoustic playing on “Off Center”, it’s another song that is musically interchangeable, and has a sultry-mellow vibe to it . Whoever was playing the bass line on “Believer” is not human, those bass licks are out of this world. The last song on the album is, “For Them”. A very soft melody and instrumentation, which complimented and highlighted her vocals and backgrounds very well. The song seemed very personal, and overall about family.


It doesn’t need to be said how amazingly gifted and talented Emily King is as a songwriter/vocalist. Also, don’t need to say how this album is completely solid from the beginning to end. Just do your ears a favor, and go get this album.


The Switch is available in stores now; and for (digital) purchase via iTunes and Amazon Music.