Album Review: Dave Hollister – “Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues”




The soul singer Dave Hollister comes back after over a decade with an R&B album. Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues was released on October 21st, 2014. The album is majority produced by the great Warryn Campbell and Eric Dawkins.


“Spend The Night” is the first song to start off the album, this was the album’s first single. The next track is “I’m Different” the lyrics are saying that he won’t disappoint the person he’s with because he’s different. The third song is “I’m Waiting” the song is talking about waiting for her to leave the guy she’s with, and he is waiting for her to get with him. “Cold” is the next song, the lyrics are talking how he wished he had a cold enough heart to leave the girl alone, and that he didn’t feel anything for her anymore. The fifth song from the album is “Wish You Well” the lyrics are wishing the other person well after the break up.

The next song from the album is “Chicago Winds, a nice ballad with soft strings playing. The song is a metaphor for his life, on how it’s blowing like a Chicago wind. “Afraid To Lose” is talking about being afraid of losing the woman he loves. The eighth track is a song called “Done” lyrics are saying he is done with all the arguments and fighting in the relationship. “Take This Picture” is the next song, the lyrics are talking about being affectionate and expressing their love. So he is saying take a picture of the moment. The next track is “Neverland”, the song is reminiscing of the 80’s with the bass synths. It’s very rhythmic with a fluent groove, a very good instrumentation. The last song from the album is a remix of “Spend The Night” with the legendary producer Teddy Riley’s version.


The production could have definitely added a more live element to the album, by having live drumming to give the album more energy and life. Still a great musical contribution from Mr. Hollister. It definitely has replay value for all the Dave Hollister fan lovers.


Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues is available in stores now, also for digital purchase via Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes.