Album Review: Kindred The Family Soul – “A Couple Friends”




The singing/songwriting duo Kindred The Family Soul released their 5th studio album A Couple Friends on June 10th, 2014. Their last album was in 2011. The credits on the album show the talented bass guitar player, Adam Blackstone and producer Vidal Davis, and many other producers/composers credited including the married duo Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon as the main songwriters on the album.


The first song to start off the album is the song “Get It, Got It” a very rhythmic soulful instrumentation. A nice homage to the late Isaac Hayes. The lyrics are talking about the love and respect they give to all people, because whatever you give out, you get back. The next song is “Call Me Crazy”. The song is saying that it may sound crazy, but they appreciate the ups and downs in life. The percussion was a nice addition to the flow of the song, it gave the song a great structure. The first single off the album “Everybody’s Hustling” was the next song. “Lovin’ The Night” follows next after that, definitely had a 70’s vibe to it, with the horn section and the guitar and bass unison licks, overall the instrumentation was flawless.”One Day Soon” is the fifth song on the album, the lyrics are saying to stay focused because one day your dreams will come true. Just work hard and don’t stop fighting.

The self titled track “A Couple Friends” is the next song, a soulful ballad with a sweet melody. It is the second single from the album, the lyrics are talking about the gratitude and appreciation of the friendship they share in their marriage. Featuring the legendary singer/songwriter Valerie Simpson of the half duo (the late Nick) Ashford & Simpson, with her skillful piano playing towards the end. “Not Complaining” another reminiscing 70’s track. Lyrics are saying they don’t know what it is that keeps them going, but they are not complaining so don’t ever change. The next song is”Never Loved You More”, a great homage to legendary Philly soul Gamble-Huff. “Mama Said Clean Up” song features the Dantzler children. “Here We Go” is next, the song is talking about the preparations for life, and life’s unpredictable nature. Definitely flowed very nicely to the album.

“Drop The Bomb” is another great tempo, song is about having that good loving that will bring you to your knees, and asking if they would go ahead and drop that “bomb”. The next song is “Look At What We Made”, the song is reflecting on their life, and all the ups and downs their love is still holding strong. The final song to end the album “What I’ve Learned”, the lyrics are saying what they have learned has helped them through life’s challenges.


Kindred The Family Soul never fails to give feel good, motivational, positive lyrics even when describing the hardships of life, relationships/marriages. Soulful, strong quality, masterful writing is a few words to describe how entirely great this album is. Everything you miss about soulful music is in “A Couple Friends”. If you are looking for meaningful lyrics, heartfelt vocals, and just great musical instrumentation this is the album for you. Always appreciation to the musicians that are credited on albums, so definitely a job well done to all the ones listed in the credits.


A Couple Friends is in stores now, available for purchase also via iTunes and Amazon digitally.