The Confusion of Hating With Honest Critiquing





“Hating” is a word that gets overly used in everyday life and on social media sites. It’s a difference when you’re saying it amongst friends and family in a humorous way, versus someone giving you a well thought out opinion on something and the first word you use when you don’t agree is, that person’s hating.


It’s one of those dismissive words that are equivalent to calling somebody crazy. Instead of the person trying to understand the person’s point of view, or looking at it from their perspective. They dismiss them by saying, “Oh, you’re hating”. The word “hating” gets thrown around so much; you can’t even have a real conversation with someone about certain topics without them calling you a hater. Say for instance, you might not like a certain artist that is their favorite. Immediately, you’re called a hater. You can give 50 good valid reasons why you don’t particular care for that artist(s), there’s so many words in the English language you can use to expound on, but they’ll dismiss you with the words “you’re hating”.


With the escalating use of technology, you have all these social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. That makes it easy for you to express an opinion or share with the world your personal photos/information. Which is not a bad thing, but some people don’t know how to use the internet properly. If you go on your Facebook account and leave posts that let everyone know the step by steps of your relationship that is going wrong. When you do things like that, take in consideration that the people who added you as a friend, may not want to see 50 posts of you bashing your girlfriend/boyfriend.  Take in mind; you just posted all this personal information about your significant other on a public platform where possible millions of people can see it, and if perhaps someone leaves a comment on your page giving a pretty logical reasoning. That maybe you should not be in this toxic relationship, and your answer in another post is “People just hate on my relationship”. That person is not realizing that they’re inviting people to comment on their relationship when they share every single detail about their relationship, so you’re kind of giving people free reign to express their opinion when you give out personal information on a public social site.


Here’s where the difference comes in. If someone is giving you their opinion and every logical reasoning behind their statement, that’s their honest critiquing. Everybody’s too far at the end of the spectrum nowadays. You have the people that can’t give their opinion without degrading someone/something, and the ones who call everything and everyone a hater. There has to be a balance somewhere. If people would learn how to accept and realize that everyone’s opinion is not going to be the same. It would be easier for good dialogues to happen.