Soul Musician Appreciation: Shep Crawford



He is a Grammy award winning veteran producer/songwriter/musician Anthony “Shep” Crawford.  He has worked with artists like Vince Gill, Deborah Cox, Kelly Price, Tamia, and the legends Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston.  He is the man behind some of your favorite songs. He is also a Pastor for ECM (The Experience Christian Ministries) located in Compton, CA.





Shep Crawford’s Musicality

He has that recognizable quality about his music. His writing is thought provoking, the production is cohesive with the lyrics, and his skills as a musician are undeniable.

Crawford’s writing kind of has a theme to it. You know when you hear one of his written songs; he’s going to paint a picture of a story being told. Whether it’s love, sadness, or hurt he is writing about it. You will get a vivid image of the lyrics he is conveying.

His production makes the lyrics come to life. Whether it’s warm strings, an acoustic sound with an accompanied piano, or an upbeat tempo with drum programming. When you have artists with spectacular vocal range like Kelly Price, Deborah Cox, and Tamia to work with to take the production to new heights, it brings meaning to the music. Just like Babyface’s music has that signature sound, Crawford’s musician skills possess that same quality. If you mention great producers, songwriters, and musicians; you have to include his name. Soul Savviness shows appreciation for Shep Crawford.


To know more about his ministry, ECM (The Experience Christian Ministries)


Check out the songs below written/produced by Shep Crawford: