[10-20-17] Soul Savviness Radio Show: The Real Problems with Music Streaming





The Soul Savviness Radio Show is an extinction of the Soul Savviness brand, and airs regularly on the StudioWBuzz internet radio network every Friday/5-7 P.M. PST. The radio hosts of the show is the founder/music journalist of Soul SavvinessQ. Lynn Green, and Founder of (EB4PrezEB. Download the StudioW “IMG 2″ app to tune into the show live every Friday!



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Special Guest Host(s): Music Journalist/Critic – Shaka Shaw (Founder of Rap Dad) Twitter: @MF_DAD 

Entertainment Journalist – Tiffany Hamilton (@tffthewriter) Respect Magazine, Source Magazine, Co-Host of The Sip

Founder of Just WhippedJuli McShay (@ASouthernJule)



Topics for the night: First hour: Music streaming, and hip hop. Second hour: Fake Outrage