[08-25-17] (Full Audio) Soul Savviness Radio Show: Top 10 Best 90’s Movies




The Soul Savviness Radio Show is an extinction of the Soul Savviness brand, and airs regularly on the StudioWBuzz internet radio network every Friday/5-7 P.M. PST. The radio hosts of the show is the founder/music journalist of Soul Savviness, Q. Lynn Green, and Founder of (EB4PrezEB. Download the StudioW “IMG 2” app to tune into the show live every Friday!


(Full Audio)



We talked about in Raggedy People News: Amy Schumer vs. Netflix, Charles Barkley, and Jason Whitlock. Savvy News: Shannon Sharpe, Tiffany Haddish, Def Comedy Jam: 25th Anniversary. The topic of the show was the “The Top Best 90’s Movies”.


Radio Guest: Hailey Robinson – Youtube channel: As Told By HER, co-founder of As Told By HER brand.