[06-23-17] Soul Savviness Radio Show: Black Music Month (Hip Hop)




We interviewed comedian/actor/producer Royale Watkins (After I Do)—comedian/actress Angel Laketa Moore-Tanksley and Marcus Tanksley (Is This Going To Cause An Argument? podcast, YouTube channel: That Chick Angel Tv) at the top of the show. We also had guests; hip hop journalist Shaka Shaw (Rap Dad)—and photographer J. Wiggins (Concepts Productions). Our Black Music Month segment this week was Hip Hop. Listing our top favorite MC’s, breaking down “Gangsta Rap”, regional hip hop artist favorites, and more!



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Radio Guests:


 Royale Watkins (After I Do)



Marcus and Angel Tanksley (ITGTCAA Podcast)



Shaka Shaw (Rap Dad)



J. Wiggins (Concepts Productions