[Albums You Should Love] Robert Glasper Experiment – “ArtScience”




Robert Glasper Experiment (Robert Glasper, Casey Benjamin, Mark Colenburg, Derrick Hodge) released a new album, ArtScience in the fall of 2016. Their last album Black Radio 2 was released in 2013. There were no artists featured on this album, in which gave room for majority of these songs to bring new life into the wonderful space created in the tracks. However, there were some legendary musicians/producers playing on the album like Herbie Hancock (“Tell Me A Bedtime Story”), and Terry Lewis (“Human”). The start of the album is going from jazz to hip hop, and then by “You And Me” it goes into a sultry—R&B chord progression. Also, you can hear the David Bowie influences with the pop tracks like “Written In Stone”. “In My Mind” has a lot of great rhythmic changes that are captivating, and inventive. That punch drunk drumming on the end of “Hurry Everything about the production is flowing, atmospheric, and sensual. Great electronic sounds like “Thinkin Bout You”, and “Let’s Fall In Love”. A stand-out from the album is “No One Like You”. The rim shot throughout the nine-minute length song is bananas.Slowly” is magical. You could call this album a fusion of musical sounds. They’re not giving you a straight jazz album. It brilliantly shows the influential offspring of these different genres by their knowledge, and elite musicality.


ArtScience is in stores now; also available for purchase on every digital outlet.