[Soul Artist Appreciation] Teedra Moses


The soulful singer/songwriter Teedra Moses has released two studio albums, and seven mixtape/EP’s. She has worked, and written for some of the greatest artists in the music business. Mary J. Blige, Raphael Saadiq, Jadakiss, Rick Ross—and many others.




Teedra Moses’ Artistry


She has one of the most elegant voices, and also one of the best sincere songwriters in the music industry. Her voice is sweet, and very instrumental. She uses it like an instrument, and flows into every song like a horn player over jazz. It’s smooth like a fine palette of brandy, but she’s give her voice just enough for what the song calls for. Her voice is so endearing, and has the ability to move you because of how the song is written.


Speaking of, she should really be considered, and addressed as a genius the way she writes melodies/harmonies so effortlessly. Even though she doesn’t play instruments, her interpretation of musicality through songs is beyond intelligent. As a musician/songwriter, John Lennon could take the influence of other artists he was influenced by like Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan, by using the same chord structure but also changing it around to make it sound the way he wanted. It’s the same way you can hear her influence of others artists like Teena Marie, Patrice Rushen, and Angela Winbush by the melodies. She takes personally written songs, and makes it relate-able to her fans. The brilliance of conceptually putting together albums that talk about heartbreak, and also the optimism of love and aspirations should be applauded from anyone who loves the craft of music. Soul Savviness shows appreciation to the phenomenal Teedra Moses.