[Album Review] Kindred the Family Soul – “Legacy of Love”





The soulful duo Kindred the Family Soul released their sixth studio album Legacy of Love on August 30th. They released this under we’re not a label. Their last album A Couple Friends was released in 2014.


“Love is, Pt. 1” has a very soothing instrumentation, and the use of the horns at the end of the vamp is magical. Also, great poetry from the young Lanaa Dantzler. The harmonies and melody in “Welcome to My World” are so infectiously vibrant. A great piano introduction going into “Get There”. The song has inspirational lyrics, and a hypnotic melody, and great instrumentation. That guitar and bass combo on Nobody Like You” just beyond grooves. The hip hop drum accent makes the song so perfect. “Where Do We Go” is talking about societal woes/police brutality, and real problems going on in the world today. The bass line is so clean, and in pocket on “Never Know”. The lyrics are talking about what the future holds. The title track of the album, “Legacy of Love” has a down beat, with a fire bass line. Loving the use of the vocoder on this.


First off, if you didn’t repeat “Going All the Way” at least five times before moving on to the next song. You can’t be trusted. No, but seriously this song is incredible throughout. Secondly, it’s just some straight up Philly soul. A definite personal favorite. Turn this one all the way up in the car, and let the bass and kick drum touch your spirit. A shout out to the drummer on “Another One” for dragging the stick on those licks. (Musician talk.) That high pitched octave riffs on the guitar is impeccable. This felt like an ode to the instrumentation, a straight up jam session. “Moving On” is a warm and vibrant track. An 80’s v-drumming type of vibe. Lyrically motivating, and strong. “Love Is… Outro” a continuation of Part 1, a great vamp.


This is usually the part at the end of the review where you’re supposed to give a critique, but there isn’t one though. They came back from A Couple Of Friends, and put a little bit more spoiled collard greens funk, hip hop, jazz, & R&B on this one. Masters of their craft, giving perfected meaningful lyrics, and instrumentation. Is it possible for Kindred the Family Soul to make a bad album? Don’t even answer that. Just bless your ears, and go get this album now. Not now, but right now.


Legacy of Love is in stores now; it is available for (digital) purchase on Prime Music, iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify.


Kindred the Family Soul – “All My People (Live)” via ReelBlack on Youtube