[Albums You Should Love] Cooki Turner – “Moment 2 Moment, Vol. 2 EP”





Cooki Turner released a new EP titled Moment 2 Moment, Vol. 2 in August 2016.  The album features singers, rappers, and songwriters—Adam (L) & Kizzie, Thaddeus Johnson, Rachel Williams, and Jabee. She has a great mix of live and studio recorded songs. The musicality from the album ranges from jazz, R&B, funk, and hip hop. Instrumentation from skilled musicians, and great harmonies showcased throughout each song. Especially “Ode to Music (Live)”. From warm, and mellow piano chord arrangements like “Home” to the mid-tempo production like “Visions” which features Jabee and Adam L is lush, and very solid. Her appreciation for live instruments, and quality lyrics is conveyed perfectly on this project. Just do your ears a favor by getting this new EP, they will love it.


Moment 2 Moment, Vol. 2 is available now on all digital outlets.