[Album Review] Fantasia – “The Definition of…”





The soulful singer/songwriter Fantasia released her fifth studio album, The Definition of… on July 29th. Her last album Side Effects of You was released in 2013. The album features production and writing from R. KellyRon Fair, Grades, Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon, Stacy Barthe, Aloe Blacc, and a host of others credited for arrangements/programming/background vocals.

Prince’s influence is evident in “Crazy”. “So Blue” has a great reggae vibe to it. The song has a great melody, and harmonies. Also, love how her voice is on top of the beat on this song. When it gets to the middle of the album, it comes with refreshing songs like “Stay Up” featuring artist Stacy Barthe, and also “Ugly” that sounds like a rock ballad. “Roller Coasters” has great production, and harmonies. Aloe Blacc is featured on this song, a great addition to the record. “Lonely Legend” is a stand-out, just for the simple fact it pulls you in immediately. Just like the Prince influence on the first song of the album, Tina Turner’s influence is clear as day on this song as well. The album ends with “I Made It”, which perfectly made sense for it to be the last song on the album.


Fantasia has such a clear understanding of sounds, and musicality. You can truly believe this is the kind of music she’s always wanted to make.  Hopefully this album will be gearing us for the extinction of the element of “Rock-Soul” she showcased on this album for the next one. This album has a variety of sounds that cohesively make sense to be together. It shows the influence of the legends before her, but she just puts her own interpretation/style to it. The definition of this album is being a student of your craft—and she definitely has her Master’s degree in it.


The Definition of… is available in stores now; it’s also available for (digital) purchase on all digital outlets.