Album Review: SWV – “Still”





The Grammy nominated—influential group SWV (Coko, Taj, and LeLee), dropped a new album on February 5th. The name of the album is called Still, and is the R&B group’s 5th studio album release. Their last album was in 2012, I Missed Us.


The first song off of the album is the self-titled “Still”, it has a great piano melody and great production as well. The next song is the single “MCE”. “On Tonight” is an 80’s inspired with a melodic hook, and production. “Let’s Make Music” is not really a highlight from the album, the lyrics seem too simplistic. The same with “Love Song”, it all seems out of place for the album. “When Love Didn’t Hurt” is the stand out song off the entire album. Great piano introduction, and instrumentation all around. It is lyrically sound, and has solid production. “Miss You” is a great song, it could’ve flowed a little better entirely with the album. “Leaving You Alone” has incredible production. It grabs you in the beginning, the whole song entirely has high replay value. “What We Gon’ Do” could’ve been more creative, the melody gets kind of bland going into the bridge.


The album doesn’t seem to be conceptually put together. If it were a little bit more consistent with songs like, “When Love Didn’t Hurt” and “Leaving You Alone”. A healthy balance of quality lyrics and instrumentation, this album would be flawless. Would’ve preferred more soulful records then songs appealing to the youngsters. You can’t deny their pure vocal ability/harmonies together as a group. This album is worthy of replay value, just needed to be a little more solid conceptually.


Still is available in stores now; also available for (digital) purchase via Prime Music and iTunes.