Album Review: Tamar Braxton – “Calling All Lovers”





Grammy nominated songwriter/singer Tamar Braxton released her third studio album Calling All Lovers on October 2nd, her solo debut Love & War was released in 2o12. Numerous producers and songwriters involved with this album. The singer herself, being one of the majority co-writers on the album.


Here are some stand-out tracks from the album:


“Simple Things” has a very vintage soul sound to it. The harmonies and instrumentation are beyond perfection. The lyrics are saying the simple things in the relationship is what is keeping her there. “Broken Record” has a great piano melody, and the production overall is amazing. “Circles” has fine piano arrangement, and the build-up in the production was pleasing to the ears. The lyrics are talking about how they keep going in circles. The production on “Raise The Bar” has a lot of musical-colorful texture to it, and the lyrics do a great job in painting a picture to the song.

The guitar licks and melody in “Must Be Good To You”, is the center-piece to the song. It has a very 70’s/80’s vibe to it. “Free Fallin” is a lyrical stand-out song, as well as “King”. Great production and also vocal highlights as well.


Some of the track placements like “I Love You” “Makin’ Love”, “Love It” should’ve been placed differently in the album. Those three songs kind of felt repetitive, and slowed down the vibe of the ballads. That minor critique really doesn’t take away the complete quality of this album. The concept of the album being about the ups and downs lovers go through, and still love remains. Calling All Lovers once again shows how Tamar is vocally elite.


Calling All Lovers is in stores now, and is available for (digital) purchase via iTunes and Amazon Music.