Album Review: Teedra Moses – “Cognac & Conversation”





Soul singer/songwriter Teedra Moses released her sophomore album Cognac & Conversation on August 7th. Her debut album Complex Simplicity was in 2004, she also has released a couple of mixtapes and EP’s in between that time. Her most recent mixtape California Vibes in 2014. The producers on this album are Thadeus DixonDonnie Cash, and many others. Moses is also doing arrangements on this album, and is majority written by her.

The first song off the album is called “R U Scared”, kind of makes you picture her being in the club with her man and them being all into each other. “All I Ever Wanted” is featuring rapper Rick Ross, the next song is “International Playboi”. It gives a nice house music vibe. Yet, it’s still soulful and pleasant at the same time with the vocal harmonies. The lyrics are saying the play boy has all these women, money, and clothes but yet no love to show for it.

More standout songs from the album: “Get It Right” has great instrumentation, the piano melody has a jazz sound to it. The bass line was simplistic, and very strong in pocket. The lyrics are saying you have to get it right to be with her.”Cognac & Conversation” is another song featuring Rick Ross. “Only U” is featuring artist 3D Na’Tee, the melody is mellow and relaxing. 3D’s verse fits perfectly into the song, as well as her rap flow. “Beautiful Chaos” is a great song musically and lyrically. One of the lyrics:


“What we got is something unexplainable, a spark to behold, ’til we burn each other’s souls” 


“Skin Diver” is a sensual and vibrant song; as well as the production. All around, a great song. “Yesterday Ain’t Tomorrow” The lyrics are saying she’s been hurt in the past, but tomorrow is a new day for true love to happen. “No Regrets” is the last song on the album. Very nice acoustic ballad, she’s talking about her twin sons and how she was scared when she found out she was having twins, but never regretted having them and how she is grateful.



All of these songs are written by the songstress Teedra Moses. Looking at the album from her perspective; it seems to be about different adversities, struggles, and pain in previous relationship(s). All of it seeming reflective. Also, showing her ability to be open to receive and give love to the right person; who will also reciprocate those feelings back.  The interludes on this album are just as good as the songs. It all seemed to flow perfectly with the songs, as well as the rap features. The whole production on this album is smooth, warm, and vibrant, which highlighted how sweet and angelic her voice is. Definitely a befitting album title “Cognac & Conversation” because that’s the whole vibe of the album. Just a great conversation over a nice fine palate of dark liquor. This album shows her growth both personally and musically.


Cognac & Conversation is available in stores now; Also, available for (digital) purchase via iTunes and Amazon Music.