Album Review: Jill Scott – “Woman”



Jill Scott


Grammy award winning singer/songwriter/poet/actor Jill Scott released her fifth studio album Woman on July 24th, 2015. Her last studio album was in 2011, The Light of the Sun. A lot of different producers, and a few songwriters on the album. The songstress herself, being one of the main songwriters on this album.


The first song to start off the album is “Wild Cookie”, going back to her poetry roots and painting a picture of a woman who is considered wild and loose. “Prepared” is produced Andre Harris has a blues chord arrangement, and great melody. The lyrics are talking about the preparations of the life changes she will make. “Can’t Wait” another track produced by Andre Harris. Has a very vintage, Philly soul vibe to it. The lyrics are saying how she can’t wait to embrace the act and thoughts of love. “Lighthouse” is a highlight from the album lyricallly, she talks about being the comfort and protection for his feelings and to let her in emotionally because she provides a “lighthouse” for his emotions. Even though “Willing (Interlude)” is only a minute long, it was enough time to provoke a message. The lyrics are talking about how a man wants a woman to have all these qualities, but isn’t willing to reciprocate the same. “Cruisin” is very relaxing, soothing song. She is talking about how she is not rushing anything in the relationship she’s just going to enjoy the moment. “Say Thank You” has a blues/country chord arrangements, but also having a hip hop, slow-tempo drive drumming. It was like the guitar riffs were doing most of the singing in this song, and she was allowing it to happen. Great production. “Jahraymecofasola” is a beautifully written song. It seems the entire meaning of the song is giving praises and appreciation to God. “Beautiful Love” is the last song on the album, and is featuring artist BJ the Chicago Kid. He is the only artist featured on this album. The song was produced by 9th Wonder.


This album entirely seems like a conceptual project. Giving, some of these songs might be all coming from a personal space, but it’s still telling a story. It makes sense that you get blues/country elements to this album, it’s still giving classic Philly soul vibes as well. Overall, that’s what those genres are centered around. Telling great stories. It’s very important to the music industry today that more artists approach albums like this. Coming with solid concepts and storytelling in music. With Woman, you hear a story being told about a flawed girl, blossoming into a woman and embracing change. Great live instrumentation throughout, with a couple produced beats but overall giving authentic live sounds entirely. Collaborating with producers/musicians she started the first album with, made this a solid album from beginning to end. With a few new collaborations as well, and even that continually shows Miss Jill’s versatility and growth, both vocally and musically.


Woman is available in stores now; Also, for (digital) purchase via iTunes and Amazon Music.