Album Review: Tamia – “Love Life”




The soulful songstress Tamia released her sixth studio album on June 9th, 2015. Her last album Beautiful Surprise was in 2012, she has a host of producers/songwriters on this album. Songwriters like Claude KellyBarry Mann, The Dream etc., and the singer herself credited. Producers; Pop & Oak, Tricky StewartShep Crawford, and others.


The first song on the album is a song called “Love Falls Over Me” produced by the duo Pop & Oak, the next song is “Chaise Lounge”. A very nice sensual song that is talking about making love on a chaise lounge. (You can already imagine the increase sales of chaises happening). It was produced by Lil’ Ronnie and Brandon “B.A.M.” Alexander. The next song is “Sandwich And A Soda” the first single from the album.

“No Where” is the fourth song, fine production with a great tempo. The lyrics are saying they are crazy in love and he is not going anywhere. It is written and produced by duo Tricky Stewart and The Dream. “Lipstick” is produced by Chuck Harmony, the sixth song “Special” has beautiful metaphors  lyrically and refreshing production from Stewart and The Dream again. The next song is, “Like You Do”. It’s like the guitar and bass line is in sync with each other through the melody. The rhythm section was on point, creating a nice groove. The lyrics are saying no one can love like they do.

“Stuck With Me” is produced by Polow Da Don, a great production with a vibrant bass line throughout the song. The song is talking about she feels lost without him and how he is stuck with her, and vice versa. “No Lie” is real smooth, and has real silky vibe to it. The song is saying you don’t have to question her love, because she’s been loving him a long time.

The tenth song on the album, “Day One” is a ballad, with a soft piano melody. The lyrics are stating that good and bad days have made her more in love then she was from day one. “Black Butterfly” is the last song on the album produced by Shep Crawford, and written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. The lyrics are saying how the “black butterfly” rises and overcomes through life struggles. A beautiful acoustic, string arrangement, and a great instrumentation all around.


This album seemed like the overall concept was just about fun. Even with all the producers/songwriters on the album, it all flowed cohesively with the theme of “love” throughout the songs. All 11 songs of quality, very great songwriting and magnificent production. You can always count on Tamia to give the fans amazing music.


Love Life is in stores now, and available for (digital) purchase via iTunes and Amazon Music.