The Problem with Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Charleston




June 17th, 2015 was the day a miserable existence of a person by the name of Dylan Roof, decided to walk into a congregation at the Emmanuel AME Church located in Charleston, SC to sit among the worshipers during Bible study, and afterwards disgustingly tells them  “I have to do it. You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” Then proceeds to assassinate nine members of the congregation. The more details that come out about this racially, hate-filled murderous act Roof committed. Like, this picture of him circulating with him wearing a jacket with white supremacy badges. Specifically, this South African badge below.





You would think the facts of this story, and further research of this monster would be enough for the media to refer to Roof as the terrorist he is, but not any of the news anchors for FOX news. In which, one of them ridiculously asked the question: “Are people safe at a black church now?” You can’t possibly be that deep in white privilege to even attempt to ask such a disrespectful, asinine question. (Mind you, no one was really expecting news outlets like CNN and FOX to add anything potent to these discussions anyway) Because it is evident all of the news anchors/contributors for FOX all share the same brain, and when they do have a guest on their show that have a different perspective from the network it is met with a 30 second cut-off to a commercial break, but that is only the icing on the cake to describe the nuance approach the media loves to present when discussing race issues in America. Dylan Roof deliberately set out to start a race war, to kill black people, and when was found armed with the possible murder weapon. He was quietly escorted to the police vehicle, it didn’t seem the police were threatened at all by the white killer like they claim they are of unarmed black men. Even, gently swiping his Dumb & Dumber bowl cut and safely putting him in the police car. Probably, asked him did he want to make a trip to the store for a Smart Water and trail mix to make him more comfortable. Which is equivalent with the media creating the story of him being a “quiet kid”, because it is easier to imply him of not being a terrorist. Opposed to the way black men/women are treated when they interact with the police. The media had no problem deeming a 17 year old black (unarmed) kid walking down the street with an iced tea and Skittles, the young 18 year old black (unarmed) kid with cigars in hand, and a black (unarmed) man for supposedly selling loose cigarettes as “thugs or criminals”. Now, all of sudden this murderer Roof is deemed “a lost child” when you had no problems describing a young Trayvon and Michael as “criminals” doing possible criminal activities, which they did not commit.

This could only be common sense to a person, who see facts for what they are. Media outlets know people are calling out the blatant hypocrisy in mainstream media. One of the MSNBC contributors even acknowledged people online wanting their news outlet to call this a terrorist act. Instead, he uses the word an “inspired killer”. For media news anchors/contributors to see this white supremacy badge proudly on this 21 year old’s jacket and refer to him as an “inspired killer”, and for biased media contributors to say “maybe he has a mental illness/we need more facts” for this clear racially motivated act. Someone should be asking all of you biased news anchors/contributors, do you all have a mental illness problem.


“A train crash is a tragedy, this is terrorism.” – Michaela Angela Davis on Charleston Massacre



Let’s be clear, this is not alleged behavior from Dylan Roof committing these murders. This is factual, it even came from the killer’s mouth. So, for any news anchor covering this story to try to paint this story as anything more than a terrorist act is doing irresponsible journalism. Turning this into “America needs to discuss gun control” is not helping either. That is only the 15th problem down the list with this racist-hate crime. To turn the whole narrative of this into a political debate about gun control for the 2016 election, is both disgusting and disrespectful to the families of these nine people.

The problem with mainstream media is if you are going to cover stories like this, and try to engage conversations about race, police brutality, and hatred. You can’t start these conversations, and then leave it up to your guests/contributors like Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Goldie Taylor etc. (Who have magnificent perspectives) that have a minimal of time to discuss white privilege and how that has affected black people for centuries is not engaging enough. MSNBC news, you are respected by many but you have to get better at approaching this. The conversation has to start exactly at discussing white privilege, and calling the racists of the world out that want to uphold white supremacy. That’s the only way to start the discussion. To do anything less than that, is not helping come up with answers to fix the race issues in America.

Remembering the 9 lives and the families of the victims that were lost in Charleston. Thank you to all the unbiased journalists/contributors/news anchors/guests that do contribute respectfully to MSNBC, HLN, CNN, and other online/magazine publications.