“Where Have All The Fathers Gone” Movie Premiere



Some of the cast members of “Where Have All The Fathers Gone” during the Q & A segment.

Clear Picture Productions presents a documentary film titled “Where Have All The Fathers Gone”. It premiered Saturday evening on June 13th, 2015 at the Paramount Theatre in OKC. The film is starring legendary actor Louis Gossett Jr., veteran actor Tom Wright, (Actor) Orlando Brown and more. The director of the film is Rashonna Moore, and which is also her directorial debut. She also executive produced the film, as well as the other executive producers for the film include; (Actor/Musician) Darius McCrary, (Comedian/Actor) Luenell Campell, (Comedian/Actor) Troy Rawlings, and Rodney Harrison. The music score in the film is by Jimi Kendrix. As well as, Darius McCrary, and Keith Jackson. The documentary gives a complete historical break down of how this phenomenon first existed in the black community, and they graciously give the audience a look into the lives of the artists, and also regular every day people’s stories of how they grew up with/without their fathers.

Soul Savviness got a chance to asked the director/producer Rashonna Moore of the film, and a young lady starring in the film Ladeanna Fullbright about her part in the film. In which, one of the questions was for the director and what inspired the production of the film, and (Moore) she said it was a personal experience in her life with her daughter that brought on the ideas of the film, and others’ similar circumstances.

What impact do you want this film to have on the viewing audience(s)?

Rashonna Moore: “I want it to touch people, and I just want people to think about the situation they are going through, and try to change things. Or just a little bit.”

Ladeanna Fullbright: “The impact I want people to have is, regardless if you have or do not have a father in your life. Life is not over. For me, I didn’t grow up with my dad in my life. Sometimes I felt unwanted, and unloved. But I learned to stay strong, and there is always someone out there to love you, and remember it is not your fault.”

This movie is definitely going to start up important discussions, specifically to the black community about how the dynamic of the mother and father is important to raising a child. Discussions like co-parenting, child support system, and many other things. Two of the cast members in the movie Shawn Taylor and Jerell Mason whom are both young married with children, spoke candidly about their personal experiences and the topics of discussion that effect raising their children, here’s an inspiring quote from Mr. Jerell Mason.

“I just want to grow my son into the man I desire to be.”

“Where Have All The Fathers Gone” will all be released on cable networks BET, Centric, and OWN. As well as Netflix, and the DVD purchase will be via Clear Picture Productions site on August 2016.

Here’s the movie trailer for “Where Have All The Fathers Gone”: