(Video) New Music: Jill Scott – “You Don’t Know”



jill scott


The phenomenal, award winning, soulful singer/songwriter, Jill Scott is back with a new single and video called “You Don’t Know”. This will be the songstress’ fifth studio album release, and with this powerful single this album should not disappoint. There is no where to begin to describe how much soul is drenched in this song. The video alone, gives you a magnificent visual of the pain and heartache Miss Jill is feeling on this record. It’s just her and the band, which is focusing entirely on the emotions of the song. The lyrics are her describing the sacrifices she’s made for love, and if you haven’t experienced it, you have no idea what it means to love someone. The director of the video is Nzingha Stewart, and cameos of two musical greats Questlove and Adam Blackstone.


Check out the video down below: