Soul Artist Appreciation: Rahsaan Patterson


Soul singer/songwriter Rahsaan Patterson has released five studio albums. During the 80’s he starred in the show KIDS Incorporated. In the 90’s, he went on to record hits for Brandy and Tevin Campbell, and many more artists.





Rahsaan Patterson’s Artistry



Rahsaan is one of those singers you can say, he literally uses his voice as an instrument. He has impeccable range, his writing is remarkable, and the music he delivers is refreshing. His ability to manipulate a note, and do whatever he wants to in the form of ad-libs, and riffs is beyond words of being incredible. You could try to compare him to some artists, but it should be more of a horn comparison. His voice is like listening to a jazz record, with fine horn arrangement and then the solo horn player has his chance to show off his skills through out the song and takes the song to a whole new level.

The aspect of his writing covers so many things, you get a glimpse of so much within his words. Whether, it is about love, spirituality, or a good time. It seems to all fit wonderfully together, just like the production of his music. It’s carefree, rhythmic, laid back, mellow, but also an energetic vibe as well. Every time he releases a new album, he always bring a new energy to it and his ability to keep growing musically is inspiring. All these things are why he should be considered one of the top best male vocalists of all time, and Soul Savviness shows appreciation to his gift and talent.