Album Review: Faith Evans – “Incomparable”


faith evans


Grammy award winning soul singer Faith Evans released her sixth studio album on November 24th, 2014. Her last solo LP album was in 2010 Something About Faith, and released a compilation album in 2012 called R&B Divas. 


The first song off of the album is “Prelude/Thank You Good Night”, a very soulful song. The lyrics are talking about she’s reached end’s length with this guy for the night, but she doesn’t want to be rude. So she says, thank you and good night to the guy. You can definitely get a clear picture to where this album is going when first hearing this. “Extraordinary” is the next song, it’s talking about how she wants to get to know the guy because he seems too good to be true.

“I Deserve It” featuring Missy Elliot is the third song off of the album, and the 1st single from the album. The next song is, “Really Wanna Do”. The lyrics are saying all she really wants to do is make love. Next up is, “Take Your Time (Interlude). Faith has the most infamous interludes, and this is definitely another one. The lyrics are saying he can take his time because they have all night. “Fragile” is the sixth song, the self titled-track is the next song “Incomparable”. Definitely an 80’s inspired production. “Ride The Beat (Interlude) is the next song. It is also another interlude that could have been a full song. “Make Love/Postlude” a continuation of “Ride The Beat”, is featuring the powerhouse vocalist Keke Wyatt. The tenth song from the album is, “Good Time” featuring an artist by the name of Problem, a very feel good song. The next song to follow that is “Forever”.

Ever Go Away (Interlude)”, the only complaint should be that it should have been longer. This song had solid harmonies, and a very smooth melody. “He Is” seemed uninspired, couldn’t really get into the track. “Paradise”, featuring singer B.Slade and legendary gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard. A nice effort and contribution to the song all around, from both featured artists. “Thank You’s (Outro) is next, and the song on the album is called “Maybe”.


To be honest, this album was kind of disappointing to hear. You can get the overall direction she was going with it, but some of the lyricism and melodies were kind of nuance and uninspiring. Quite frankly, the interludes were the best songs on the album. It was an “okay” album, but no where near being as great as a Faith album should be.


Incomparable is in stores now, available for digital purchase via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.