Album Review: Syleena Johnson – “Chapter 6: Couples Therapy”




Soul singer Syleena Johnson released her eighth studio album on October 28th, 2014. Her last solo album Chapter 5: Underrated in 2011. She released a compilation with R&B singer Musiq Soulchild in 2013, called 9ine.


The first song off of the album is “All This Way For Love”, the next song is “Fool’s Gold” featuring the songstress Leela James. A very Aretha Franklin inspired track, a 60’s styled song but with a fresh, modern appeal to it. Very nice vocal arrangement. “Heaven In Hell”, is the next track. The lyrics are saying that she can’t stop loving the person, even though she’s hating them at the same time.

“My Love” is the fourth song, which is the first single from the album. The next track is “If I Was Your World”, the lyrics are saying if she was his world she wouldn’t feel as disappointed as she does. “Harmony” is next, a great piano arrangement. The song features soul man Dave Hollister, lyrics are saying that their love making is like harmony. “No Beginner” another sex inspired song, this track is featuring Day 26 group member Willie Taylor. The song is talking about how the sex they are fixing to experience is not for beginners. “Boom” is the eighth song off of the album. Lyrics are saying, she hopes he handle what’s going to happen, because her sex game is like “boom”.

The next song is “If You Need To Know”, the organ in the intro stands out completely, and throughout the song as well. The song is saying that if you need to know if she still desires him, she still does. The vocal production was flawless on this song. The soulful ballad “Perfectly Worthless” follows, and is definitely a vocal and lyrical highlight of the album. The lyrics are saying she is blaming him for their demise and how their relationship was perfectly worthless.

“Silence” is the eleventh song from the album, it has nice a string arrangement in the intro. Overall amazing production, a personal favorite from the album. The lyrics are talking about how can they break the silence in the relationship. Very polished and refined writing on this song. “Unstoppable” is the next track, and “I Cut My Hair” follows after. Lyrics are saying her cutting her hair is a symbolism of her taking her power back in the relationship. The lyrics are unbelievably good, and another fine production. The last song on the album is “Fool’s Gold”, without the feature.


This album is a great balance between thought provoking lyrics, phenomenal vocals, and refreshing production. Which all the elements adds up to be a great soul album.



Chapter 6: Couples Therapy is in stores now, and available for digital purchase via iTunes and Amazon.