Album Review: Marsha Ambrosius – “Friends & Lovers”




Grammy nominated singer Marsha Ambrosius released Friends & Lovers on July 15th, 2014. Her solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings debuted in 2011. The album is majority written by her and other songwriters including her brother Marvin Ambrosius, Sterling Simms and many others credited.


The album starts off with “Friends & Lovers Intro”, next song is the lustful and sensual record “So Good”. Song is talking about how the loving is so good, “Night Time” is next. The lyrics are saying that all her fantasies and desires happen during the night time. The fourth song on the album is “69”. The song is describing a sexual experience between lovers. The bass line creates the energy of the song, a very sensual rhythm. “Shoes” is the next song. The lyrics are saying she’s moving on from someone and is asking for her shoes, so she can leave.

“How Much More (Interlude)” very mellow, the next song is the second single off of the album “Stronger”. The eighth song is “You & I” it’s talking about can two old friends reconnect and be together forever. “La La La La La” a homage to a late Minnie Ripperton classic. The lyrics are saying that when you are with someone and run out of words to say. It’s the affect that person has on you. The next song is “Cupid (Shot Me Straight)” the song is saying cupid shot her straight in the heart, and old feelings have resurfaced for the person.

“Kiss & F**k (Interlude)” the acoustics are playing softly, saying how kissing is leading to sex. “Love” is the next song, talking about how when love comes in receive it, and don’t turn it away. The thirteenth track is the first single “Run”. Next is, “Spend All My Time” featuring the legendary singer Charlie Wilson laying down his classic ad-libs. A very nice, flowing rhythm. A straight R&B record, with excellent piano arrangement. The lyrics are saying they want to spend their time with them, because of all the time that has been missed. Great harmonies between both, and the rim shot echoes throughout the song making it enjoyable. “OMG I Miss You” is a nice ballad, the song is reminiscing over an old lover. She’s missing their essence and that person being in her life. The last song on the album is “Street of London” the strings in the song were a great addition, the song is saying London will always stay with her and she’ll never forget it.


Elegant, confident, and of a course a straight freak in them sheets. In which, Marsha’s never been shy about expressing through songs effortlessly. That’s what people have grown to love about her openness, and it’s shown throughout the album. Whether a bad breakup, make up session, love making. The concept of the album was made plain, and was very intriguing to hear about the blurred lines between being friends and lovers. The emotions that come when you become intimate with someone you called a friend, and wanting that old thing back. And never knowing if those feelings will ever come again. This tells to be a thoroughly good piece of work, and musically refreshing. All love to the musicians/songwriters credited.



Friends & Lovers is in stores now, also available for digital purchase via Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.