Album Review: Kelly Price – “Sing Pray Love Vol. 1: Sing”


kelly price


Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Kelly Price released Sing Pray Love Vol. 1: Sing on April 15th, 2014. Kelly co-produced and co-wrote this album with legendary producer Shep Crawford, and Phillip Scott III. Her last studio album was Kelly released back in 2011.


The album starts of with a “Sing Pray Love Interlude”, the next song is the album’s first single “It’s My Time”. The third song is “Back 2 Love” featuring R&B singer Ruben Studdard. A great vocal performance from both artists, it has a great repetitive groove. The instrumentation flows real well with the song. “The 14th” is the next track, the lyrics are saying the 14th is the day she decided to leave the relationship. Next up is “Think Again (Shep’s Sermon)”. The production is kind of reminisce it of his past hits, but still done with a nice, fresh appeal to it. The melody and vocals great as well. “Last Night” is a soulful ballad, the lyrics are saying she went too far in the argument last night. She didn’t mean the harsh words she said, and she wants to mend their relationship. Another great vocal performance and great background vocals as well.

“Through The Fire” is the seventh song from the album, you can call it the stand-out of the album. She did an excellent rendition of the legendary soul singer Chaka Khan’s classic hit. From the instrumentation, with the slow and easy acoustic styling on the first verse to the ending to when Kelly Price’s takes it higher with her range. The record is complete perfection. “Never Been Scared” is the next song, the production is very refreshing. Another excellent music arrangement. The lyrics are talking about how she’s never been scared of love until she met him. Another great production.

“Conversations with HER” is featuring the songstress and label mate Algebra Blessett. The song is a conversation between her and Algebra. Algebra is calling to confide to Kelly about her problems with Kelly’s ex, in which Algebra used to be best friends with Kelly. Kelly simply says, you made your bed so lay in it. Very interesting twist at the end. “Our Love” is next, very 80’s inspired record with the bass synth licks throughtout the song. A very nice groove, the song is saying their love survived the criticism and they are still going strong. The last song on the album is “Metamorphosis” It’s a giving a Nina Simone vibe with the instrumentation, the bass lines are so lush and rich with personality. The song is speaking on the art of change.


Another stellar vocal performance for Miss Kelly throughout the album, all love to the great Shep Crawford for producing such a well put together album and to the musicians credited.


Sing Pray Love Vol. 1: Sing is available in stores now, and available for digital purchase via iTunes and Amazon.