Album Review: Avery Sunshine – “The SunRoom”




Singer/songwriter/musician Avery Sunshine released her second album The SunRoom on May 27th, 2014. Her musical partner, guitarist Dana Johnson is listed as a co-writer in the credits. Also, drummer Lil John Roberts is listed as well. Sunshine’s released her self-debut album in 2010.


The first song to start the album off is, “Won’t You Try” a reminiscing Al Green vibe instrumentation. The lyrics in the song are saying why don’t you give love a try. A nice steady groove, with excellent background vocals. The next song is the album’s first single “Call My Name”, third song is called “One Foot Ahead”. That excellent Hammond playing stood out the most, and the horns blended into the song real well. The song is talking about making a change in life and moving forward, a very funky bass line and a nice mix of everything musically.

“Meditation #1 (Conversation With God)” is the fourth song, the title is kind of self-explanatory. It’s a very mellow jazz vibe, and the lyrics is her expressing her gratitude for everything in life, and as long as she has God, she has everything. “Time To Shine”. A very Mo-Town, gospel sound to it, next song is “Nothing To Something”. A very soulful acoustic, lyrics are saying that they have turned their love from nothing to something. “I Do Love You (You Ain’t Got To Lie)” another gospel, Mo-Town feel to it, but with modern vocal styling and runs to it. The eighth song on the album is “Meditation #2 (Conversation With Him)”. The drum stylings are featured by the talented Lil John Roberts. This is the second part to “Meditation #1”, this time referring to the “him” in her life. “Sweet Afternoon” is the next track, a very sensual smooth record. The song’s meaning is that the afternoon is a sweet and perfect time to make love.

Following that is “See You When I Get There” lyrics are saying that they might have different paths, but she’ll see him when she gets there. Another great vocal structured song. The harmonies were real enjoyable, and the instrumentation real smooth with the electric piano arrangement throughout the song. The final song on the album is a lovely gospel rendition of “Safe In His Arms”. You can say this was definitely the vocal highlight of the album. It just features Ms. Sunshine and the piano backing, a complete perfected vocal performance, and fine piano playing. A definite great ending to the album.


Avery Sunshine is an artist you can expect to stick with her craft, and the gift which is her fantastic voice that stirs through every record to make you think, reflect and aspire to musically learn more. The SunRoom showcases her confidence, maturity, within her lyrics and musicality as an artist. All respect to the musicians/producers credited on the album, and everyone involved with the album. This was an all-around great album to its entirety, and worth listening for years and years to come.


The SunRoom is available in stores now, and also available for digital purchase via iTunes and Amazon.