The Top 10 Best 90’s R&B Groups


The 90’s can arguably be the best era of music, mostly because of the abundance of talented groups/artists that came out during that golden era. That time period when R&B and Hip Hop were merging together, and numerous hit making groups that blissfully co-existed together and helped master this sound of music. Take note, that this list was not named “the best R&B groups” because that’s unfair to other groups that are not on the favorite lists, and when you consider the “best” groups. You have to analyze what groups had the best harmonies and all these other factors to make a best list. So, this is simply just a favorites lists that are personal favorites to make it fun. Now, this list can be considered just a top 5 of the split up of the male and female groups, and not in any kind of order. Because it just wouldn’t be right to narrow both together, but for technicality purposes this was named “Top 10”. So, let’s start this off with our top 5 favorite 90’s female groups.




Top 5 Favorite- 90’s R&B Female Groups

           1. En Vogue

2. TLC

3. SWV

    4. Zhané 

     5. Xscape




Top 5 Favorite – 90’s R&B Male Groups

  1. Jodeci

             2.  Boyz II Men

                    3.  Mint Condition

                         4. Tony! Toni! Toné!

5.  Silk

Again, this is Soul Savviness’ lists of favorites. Let us know who your top 5 favorite male and female 90’s groups are down below!