|Black Music Month| Soul Artist(s) Appreciation: Kindred the Family Soul


The talented soulful singing-songwriting married duo Aja Graydon and Fatin Dantzler known as, Kindred the Family Soul have recorded four studio albums together, and they’re set to release a new album this year.






Kindred the Family Soul’s Artistry


They are one of the most authentic singing duos. Their voices are strong and have a sweet mix of emotions in which their lyrics convey a realness of the bond they share in their marriage.

It’s a beautiful thing to see a married couple working together to make great music for their fans. Watching their energy on stage is spontaneous, and creates an atmosphere of love and a vibe that connects us all with the music. Aja’s vocality is extremely polished and her full voice is phenomenal and has so much personality to it. Fatin has such smooth and warm vocals, but it is strong and soulful as well.

There’s something about the amazing way Aja and Fatin’s vocals work so well together. The only duos you could compare them to would be the legendary (Nick) Ashford & (Valerie) Simpson, since they were married and wrote songs together, but beyond that. They’re uniquely different kind of duo. The writing aspect of their lyrics is so profound. They write about things that mean so much to the regular everyday person or family. Whether they are speaking on love, family, or every day struggles. You can still get the message of love they convey through their music. Soul Savviness shows appreciation to Kindred the Family Soul.