Soul Artist Appreciation: Tamia


Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Tamia, has recorded five studio albums. She has made numerous hit songs and won awards, and worked with the greatest songwriters and producers in the music industry. She also has her own record label, Plus One Music Group.





Tamia’s Artistry


She has one of the greatest voices in the industry, her vocal range expands beyond anything you can imagine, and her skills as a writer are unparalleled.

She is one of those artists; you know gives her all into what she sings. When you hear the classic songs “You Put a Move on My Heart” or “Stranger in My House” it musically pulls you in, as well as her singing. It exemplifies how amazing of a singer she is. Her writing style shows the skillfulness she possesses with conveying emotion, working with extraordinary producers like Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Shep Crawford, who masterfully bring out the quality in her voice and words by enhancing it with the production. She is a naturally gifted vocalist with a stellar vocal range, and she has to be in your favorite’s list as one of the best female singers. Soul Savviness shows appreciation for Tamia.