Soul Musician Appreciation: Adam Blackstone


Adam Blackstone is a musician/producer/musical director of the most popular artists in the music industry. He has directed and played with artists like Prince, Jill Scott, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, The Roots, Jay Z, Janet Jackson and many others. He is also CEO of BBE (BASSic Black Entertainment).




Adam Blackstone’s Musicality


When you’re talking about the top best bass players, you have to mention Adam Blackstone’s name. He has magnificent bass playing skills, and he is creative innovator as a musical director. He brings so much presence to a song with every bass line. It’s more than the arrangement, it’s like he is in tune with what every instrument is doing. His play style always is recognizable and to the forefront.  Whether, it’s Hip Hop, R&B or popular music. His bass skills are undeniably shown on every song.

He takes live performances to a new level as a musical director. Whether, it’s a taped show or performed live. Blackstone always manages to creatively make it as good as the album version of a song, and makes you want to be a part of the live experience. His play style is unparalleled, and cannot be matched. Soul Savviness shows appreciation for Adam Blackstone.


To learn more about Adam Blackstone and BASSicBlackEnt.



Check out Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” SNL Performance musically directed by Adam Blackstone.