Soul Artist Appreciation: Faith Evans


Grammy award winning, singer/songwriter Faith Evans was the first female artist to sign to the Bad Boy Entertainment label in 1994, signed by Puff Daddy (Sean Combs). Evans released three platinum albums from the label before leaving the label after Faithfully, in 2003. She is also an actress, and a published author.




Faith Evan’s Artistry


Faith Evans’ name easily has to be mentioned when you’re talking about great soul singers. She has a gift with the pen, her vocal range is out of this world, and she has the ability to make her music remain relevant with every album she makes.

Her writing seems like it’s capturing a moment in time. Whether, it’s about the joy, love, or the pain she is feeling. She puts it all into the song, and she makes you feel what she’s singing about. It’s like you get her sweet and edgy soprano voice in a song and then you get the heart wrenching, raw emotion, soulful tone as well. She’s one of those artists; you know is giving their all in the studio, as well as on stage. It doesn’t matter what kind of genre influence is in her music. You can almost guarantee, you’re going to expect soulful vocals on it. One has to question, how does she consistently put out relevant albums and still keep the soul implanting in the music? It’s easy, that’s just what born talented singers can do. When you have gifted vocals, you don’t have to depend on a gimmick to sell records. That gift is the reason she is still going strong and still remains a successful veteran in the music industry. Soul Savviness shows appreciation for Faith Evans.